East Coast Karate Youth/Teen “Dragon” Program (Ages 8 to 15)

East Coast Karate prides itself on being the premier martial arts studios for older children.
We teach youth and teenagers the skills they need to succeed, while they learn to protect themselves. Our system and teaching methods are simply life-transforming, and will help your child to achieve any goal they set.

At East Coast Karate, a good number of our students fall into the category we call our Youth/Teen Program. Martial arts school industry standards suggest a lull in the age group from 11 to 15 years old. The fact that many martial art schools don’t have a large enrollment in this area is proof they are not doing something correctly.

Numerous psychological studies have found that children in the 8 to 15 year old range who study martial arts, and specifically East Coast Karate’s style of martial arts, have an increased sense of responsibility, are more reluctant to take foolish risks, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. This is why millions of parents are using martial arts to supplement their children’s education. Plus it’s just pure fun!

“Skills that carry into all other aspects of life”

Our Kenpo Karate activities channel children’s aggression. Many doctors have prescribed our school because of the positive outlet it provides kids to release their energy. Our martial arts program also teaches children practical, essential, proven self defense skills. We explain to our students that the moves they learn in class will work, so they do not try them on their family members or neighbors. Put simply, our Kenpo Karate program emphasizes complete physical and mental development.

“Why do we soar above the rest, breaking records everywhere?”

We attribute this to our high-energy, exciting, fun, yet realistic classes, which includes bringing some of the best instruction in the world to our schools. Each one of our teachers is put through a rigorous training course, resulting in some of the best coaches in the world for this age group.

“Arming your child with a sharp mind, responsible reasoning, and effective self-defense.”

Since bullying is most prevalent in this age group, we teach the youth in these classes the most effective techniques and strategies they must know to defend themselves if physically attacked.

The best part about the techniques is that they are totally non-violent, and are only applied in response to the physical aggression of a bully, ensuring that the techniques are never used for the wrong reason.

Why do our programs soar above the rest?

We promise to deliver:

  • Outstanding coaching from some of the top Black Belt instructors in the world, personally trained by Shihan Michael Pinelli.
  • Proven performance strategies developed by Shihan Michael Pinelli and concepts from master success coaches in and out of the martial arts.
  • Unstoppable achievement through specialized planning, and consistent measuring, monitoring and feedback.
  • Rigorous accountability: your instructor will become a friend, mentor and coach who wants and expects the best from you – and who will challenge you to perform at your very best.

Our program is the most well rounded, touching on all the things that a person of this age could want to hear and see. Reality is our motto. We leave each student walking away with the three “S’s” theory; Sweating, Smiling and Striving for more. This metaphor was coined many years ago by one of the best martial arts motivators, and we have been using it ever since with outstanding results!

Each student will gain the edge in life, and grab onto the personal power which has guided thousands of our students to become masters of their lives. Through regular, dedicated training, every student will master the emotions and behaviors that drive them, enabling them to manage their minds and bodies to achieve greater success than they ever dreamed of.


So find out first-hand what makes our Kenpo Karate Martial Arts Program for older children and teens unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

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